Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Here are some Freebies!!
I will try and add more everyday!!! Every cent you can keep helps pay for gas ( especially since we are up to $3.18 here in North Florida).

Free Cell Minutes!!!
If you have a Virgin Mobile prepaid cell, you can earn free minutes by watching ads. http://virginmobileusa.com/stuff/sugarmama.do

Free Movies!!!
It's called AMC Summer Camp. Free Movies on Wednesdays at 10am at participating AMC Theatres.
June 27: Happy Feet
July 11: Ice Age: The Meltdown
July 18: Barnyard: The Original Party Animals
July 25:Flushed Away
Aug 1: Charlotte's Web
Aug 8 :Open Season
Aug 15: Over the Hedge
Find participating Theatres at http://www.amctheatres.com/
During these times, the Kid's Pack (kindof a happy meal but with popcorn and soda) is only $3.

True Lemon Sample
Due to the overwhelming response to our free sample program, right now it can take up to eight weeks to receive your free samples. ...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

More Easy Money

I never realized how easy it is too earn extra money..Everytime I log into my WAHM.com website there are always more easy cash sites posted..I can't believe it.

One of them is Treasure Trooper. It is kind of like Cash Crate and alot of fun. Click on the link and try it out.

This is a fun website.Pretty easy too! Just do a quick pick or pick your own numbers and if the numbers match then you win!!! Prizes are cash or giftcards.
You can play as much as you want everyday.

Easy Money

With gas prices going up and up I decided I needed to find something easy to do to make money on my off time. I found web sites that pay you to read emails, complete offers and fill out surveys. I thought, wow this is too good to be true but nope. I got paid.
Cash Crate paid me $36.40 and thats just to start. I have been paid from other sites also. Now this isn't a get rich quick or even just a get rich gimmick, just a little side money to help me out so I don't have to ride my bike 30 minutes to work. Below are a few sites I know pay.

I will be adding more as soon as I research them. Give it a shot!!!

Freebies on Tap
They pay out in the same day and have a $1.00 cash out minimum. http://www.freebiesontap.com/?r=618

I love them!! They are great and easy money.

Send Earnings
You can cash out after you have reached $40.00 and they give you a $3.00 sign up bonus!! http://www.sendearnings.com/?r=fanformickey

These are just a few!! More to come!! Have a great day!!!